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Disclaimer for

On this page you will find the disclaimer of   as made available by Brouwer Security . In this disclaimer we indicate under which conditions we offer the information on our website to you.

Use of our website  and the associated communications (mailings, newsletters, other websites) is subject to the following conditions. Access to and use of the website signifies that the user agrees to the following.

On our website you will find information about our products and services. This information and other oral, written or electronic information to be provided by Brouwer Security is of a general nature and can in no way be regarded as expert personal advice addressed to you, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Disclaimer for

Although Brouwer Security has exercised due care in compiling and updating the website and the related statements and has made use of sources that are considered reliable, it cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information provided.

not guarantee. Brouwer Security expressly disclaims any liability in this regard

the hand. The information provided is not legally binding. Brewer Security

is not bound by its offer if there are printing, typesetting or programming errors in its mailings

or on the website.

It is possible that there are references, whether or not by means of hyperlinks, to other sites and information provided by third parties. Brouwer Security accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of the website(s) and the associated electronic communication expressions and the information provided thereon.


You can be sure that Brouwer Security will do everything in its power to prevent abuse. However

Brouwer Security can not be held responsible for information and/or messages which are sent by users of the website via internet.

Intellectual property:

The information and material on the website and the associated electronic communications are protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark rights, which are owned or claimed by Brouwer Security or third parties. The user is not given any right of use with regard to that information and material, except insofar as this is necessary to take cognizance of the website online and the electronic communications associated with it.

It is not permitted to distribute, reproduce or sell this information and material or to make it available to third parties in any way whatsoever, without the express, prior, written permission of Brouwer Security.


No guarantee on correctness

If applicable:

For the prices on our website, we strive for the most accurate representation of reality and the intended prices. Errors that arise and are recognizable as programming or typing errors, never form a reason to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Brouwer Security.

Brouwer Security strives for a website that is as current as possible. If, despite these efforts, the information or content on this website is incomplete or incorrect, we cannot accept any liability for this.

The information and/or products on this website are offered without any form of guarantee and/or claim to correctness. We reserve the right to change, remove or repost these materials without prior notice.

Brouwer Security accepts no liability for any information to which we refer via hyperlinks.



Should this disclaimer change, you will find the most recent version of the disclaimer of on this page.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all our deliveries.

Choose General Sales & Delivery Conditions if you want to view them on our website.

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